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Yixing Tea Sets

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Yixing Purple-Clay (Zisha) Tea Sets

As the only traditional tea sets with both appreciation value and functionality value in China, Yixing purple-clay tea sets are the popular beauty for admiration and enjoyment among poets and literati throughout history. Purple-clay tea sets originated from Song Dynasty and thrived in Ming Dynasty. In Qing Dynasty particularly in the prosperous period of Kangxi and Qianlong, the creation, appreciation and collection of purple-clay tea sets have reached the peak and created this valuable wealth for the world.

The unique purple clay brings an ideal beauty of use for purple-clay tea sets. Yixing tea sets are made of crude clay without mug smell. After brewing tea in a purple-clay tea set, the tea set will never absorb the original tea flavor or create any soup vapor, and the original color, flavor and taste of the tea are still contained in this purple-clay tea set without any loss. Ceramic craft engineers and food engineers have conducted a combined experiment on the practical function of Yixing purple-clay tea sets for three months. With TC-P II G automatic color difference meter and other methods, and choosing a Yixing purple-clay tea set, a Yixing red-clay tea pot, a white porcelain teapot and a glass cup to brew green tea, black tea, oolong tea, the engineers wanted to measure the content of the tea polyphenols, caffeine, reducing sugar, theanine and tea cream according to the tea color, tea flavor, tea taste and tea soup. By the quantitative method, the amount of Vitamin C and microbial were detected in purple-clay tea sets are more than in the others. The result of this experiment was the purple-clay and red-clay tea sets were better than the porcelain teapot and the glass cup. Drinking tea with purple-clay tea set in the summer, the flavor is not easy to change, so Yixing purple-clay tea sets have the most ideal functionality.

The advantages of Yixing purple-clay tea sets:

If there are odors in the Yixing teapot, remove the tea leaves, add a full pot of boiled water, then shake it, and pour all the boiled water out, then put it into cold water immediately, and finally the original flavor comes back.

The purple clay has the characters of slow heat transfer but good heat insulation, so you will not feel hot when touching purple-clay tea sets, and purple-clay tea sets are also beneficial to your health.

Purple-clay tea sets has the structure of double pores, and the character of resistance of instant cold and instant hot is very good. In the winter, add boiled water into it, it will never crack, and also you don't need to worry it will be cracking even it is stewed and steamed on warm water.

Purple-clay tea sets are very durable. By frequent touch, the tea sets will give out a dim light naturally, very interesting to watch. The longer it is used, the shinier it will be.

Purple-clay tea sets are capable of absorption of the tea soup, and there will be no smell even if the inside wall is not brushed so often. After a long-term use, the inside wall accumulates a lot of tea stains that is the reason why the teapot has the tea flavor only with boiled water inside. Through biological examination, griseofulvin is found in tea stains. Griseofulvin has the function of anti-inflammatory and has germicidal properties.

Purple-clay tea sets have tall and short types. According to the principle of tea-brewing, tall purple-clay teapot is better for black tea, because black tea was fermented in the baking process and it is no problem stewed deeply. The flavor will be stronger in the tall teapot. Short teapot is suitable for green tea, because green tea didn’t get fermented in the process of baking. It is not good to be stewed deeply, but brewing green tea in short teapots keeps the color, flavor and taste clear and fresh.

When doing teapot care and maintenance, don't apply oil onto the surface of teapots. When drinking tea, don't suck the tea directly from the spout. Remember these, the teapot can be kept in natural shine and the original tea taste will be conserved very well.