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Yixing Tea Cups

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Yixing Purple-Clay (Zisha) Tea Cups

Yixing Purple-clay tea cups have good breathability, so the original tea taste is kept very well and tea leaves will not be rotten easily with this kind of cups. With Yixing purple-clay tea cup, the tea tastes much more delicious and fragrant. Yixing tea cups are made of the unique purple clay that is from the original purple-clay mine in Yixing Jiangsu province without any other chemical mud. What are more advantages of purple-clay cups, and how to maintain the purple-clay cups?

By taking good care of Yixing purple-clay cups, the tea leaves will be more fragrant, and the cups will bring out natural shine and will have a smooth touch. The follows are how to maintain the purple-clay cups in your daily life

Before using new Yixing tea cups, pour some clean water into a cleansed boiler with a handful tea leaves, put the tea cups into the boiler and cook them. The height of water should be higher than the cups to prevent the cups from being cracked. After boiling, please don’t take the cups out of the boiler, just gently simmer the cups for around half an hour to one hour. Or after boiling, shut off the fire but don’t take the cups out until they have 2 hours' immersion. Then put them in a place where it is dry, ventilated without smells, let them air dry.

Every time before brewing tea, please wash the cups with boiled water. After drinking, remove the tea leaves out of the cups and wash them away with hot water, and keep them clean every day.

No matter it is a new cup or an old cup, please never stop cleaning the cup surface and you’d better use your hand or soft cloth to wipe the surface. By this way, it is helpful to keep the purple clay in a state of moist and smooth. If you persist doing this, you will have a feeling with the cups and a lot of fun will be added accordingly.

Keeping the integrity of the cups is the first importance when maintenance.

The advantages of Yixing purple-clay cups:

With purple-clay cups, the taste is sweet and the color is thick. No other tea cups can be compared with it. Even in the hot summer, the taste will not change and last a few days.

The purple clay has contained plenty of mineral substances and trace elements that benefit your health.

Purple-clay cups are decent and functional, and are always of elegant styles. Purple-clay tea cups combine functional character with decorative character. It is a graceful and elegant gift and it can be permanently stored.

After a long-term use, purple-clay cups will not wear or tear, and will not have any scratches. On the contrary, it becomes smooth like a jade for absorption of the tea oil. You will never want to put it down.